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Eduzane is a school listing platform that provides a comprehensive and user-friendly interface for parents and students to search and compare schools based on various parameters, such as location, tuition fees, academic performance, extracurricular activities, and facilities. The website features a visually appealing design with an easy-to-use search process, filters by school type, grade level, and curriculum, and a user dashboard for parents and students to save their preferred schools and receive updates on application deadlines and admission requirements. The goal of Eduzane is to help parents and students make informed decisions about their education by providing reliable and up-to-date information on schools in their area.

About The Project

Eduzane is a web platform/directory that lets users search for a school and read details about that school, including applying for a place at the school. The platform also allows school owners/admins to add their school on the platform for a fee or for free depending on the pricing plan they choose.

The client realized that we are living in an era of technology that has allowed us to have all the information we want at the tip of our fingers. When someone is searching online for a specific school, thousands of pages of data will pop up. The schools that appear first (aside from the ones paying for Ad space) are those who have taken the time to input their information. When people are looking for information regarding a school, not everyone is using Google, some may opt for directory listings.

In fact, some sources advise that only 68% of the world’s searches are conducted through Google. That is why you should understand why this platform was created, and how it can help schools in particular. This is a database that connects online users searching for a specific school or information about that school. This database is in the form of a website and social media platform. Moreover, school owners should ensure that their information online is consistent and pertains directly to what they are offering.

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