What Is a Web Agency?

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Originally, web agencies were only web design agencies. They have developed on the fringes of traditional communication agencies, which had not yet integrated the necessary skills.

Web agencies appeared in the mid-1990s, with the democratization of the web and the birth of the first websites aimed at the general public. Originally, web agencies were only web design agencies.

They have developed on the fringes of traditional communication agencies, which had not yet integrated the necessary skills. Since then, the web professions have become much more specialized and complex, allowing reputable and experienced web agencies to offer a higher level of service in this area than more generalist communication agencies.

New uses of the Internet have arrived with web 2.0, the daily use of social networks Facebook, Twitter, etc.), blogs, and the Internet on mobile phones have changed the landscape of the web. As a result, the sector has become more professional, specialized, and segmented, and new professions have emerged: web designer, SEO, web marketer, community manager, integrator, etc.

Today, the range of activities of a web agency is therefore logically extended beyond the creation of a website.

What is the role of a web agency?

A web agency is therefore a company specializing in the creation and updating of websites. It brings together skills in the development and graphic art, its role is to offer you a web solution adapted to your project.

It must take into account your project as a whole in order to offer you the solution that suits you best. This solution may be:

  • a website based on a template,
  • a static site,
  • a 100% unique site,
  • or the redesign of the existing website.

web agency does not just create websites and put them online, it can support or assist you in choosing your domain name and hosting your site. The web agency can also register your website in the most relevant web directories.

Some agencies can also offer you referencing and SEO optimization for your website. To reference, we can add the monitoring of positioning in search engines and the management of Adwords advertising campaigns.

Web agencies are increasingly becoming more or less global communication agencies (or 360° communication agencies, 360° agency, or even digital agencies), their role is to guide companies, associations, and communities in establishing communication strategies. internal (Intranet) and external communication beyond the creation of a website.

Each agency has its own activities and specificities, the main thing for you is to find the agency that will meet your expectations.

How does a web agency work?

The process of creating a website is the same regardless of the web agency, it can be summed up in four main steps:

  • The discovery of the project: The client, his activity, the objectives of the website, the budget  … The whole project can be defined in a specification.
  • The research phase: The compromise between the technical restrictions, the requirements defined in the specifications and the, 
  • The creation and development phase: A schedule is established with the date of posting as a benchmark, the first stage of creation is the design of the models in the case of a site with an exclusive design.
  • Putting it online: SEO, Web Marketing, listing in directories, and tracking positioning.

Why use a web agency?

Today, there are simplified creation solutions with 1&1 or Wix, for example. This principle of creation can be adapted for people with computer skills, image editing, and with good web culture.

For all the others, it is preferable to entrust the creation of your site to professionals to obtain a result that meets your expectations.

Going through a web agency will allow you to have advice on the functionality, ergonomics, design, and SEO of your website. She will take care of your site in its entirety, she can even offer you to carry out your paper communication or even the creation of your logo.

This will also allow you to have a single point of contact and your project will progress more quickly.

Using a web agency is the assurance of obtaining a qualitative result that meets your requirements while respecting a jointly approved schedule.



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